Heart Rate Plus Customer Reviews:



This is so accurate and gives me my correct bpm every time

I used this then a blood pressure/bmp machine it was exactly the same reading.

Very good accurate measurements


Saving the rhythm graph in the 2.4 update makes this the best heart rate app


Wow! Very good apps .easy to use

Good to know your heart rate

I don't know how correct the reading it but it can act as a reference.

Does what it says!

Perfect app. Simple to use, gives accurate reading. Thank you! Works great on my S4. Love it.

I really like the app alot.

But sometimes it doesn't always work.... and unfortunately that seems to be when I'm trying to show the App off to a friend or family member. BUT OVERALL AWESOME WORK ON THIS ONE TEAM.

Great app


Seems quick and accurate

Love this app

Works great. Love the simple design, Wear support, auto-measure feature, and the Google Fit integration.

Everyone needs that app


Senses immediately on S7 Edge, great app


Awesome App!

If you have the heart rate option on your smart phone it's even better but even with the camera it is within 1 to 3 beats so if you're like me and have constant panic attacks, even knowing that you are below 150 when it says 120 and then 115, and lower, you can feel comfort in knowing you are safe and start relaxing. It has kept me from a lot of 911 calls and calling family members cause I think my heart is beating out of my chest. Not to mention I have a heart mermor so that scares me even more at times.

Graph at top of history, how do you remove it??

New graph in history area annoying

Consistent and fairly accurate

Seems to be in the top group for optical rate trackers. Simple to use and gives quality results. Integrated with google fit leaves little missing.

werx fer me



HR monitor

Works very well!

Love the app, but...

Whenever I try to enable the Google Fit option, the acct chooser pops up to select the appropriate email address, but upon selecting, it just loops. Basically the "chooser" pops up again, as if no selection was made, or as if the selection made did not take or something. I feel if this problem was fixed(for me anyway), this would be perfect app for me.(worth the $) 😉 **New update is great! Although I'm still having the same problem w/Google Fit, as stated above...^^

Great app

As for the rest of the comments , I have just one thing to say, " aw, muffin"....

I love this app

Works great

No results on Galaxy S4

My heart rate is a bit irregular but this app couldn't find my heartrate after several tries. FAIL! Uninstalled.

A good app



Not very clear on one thing

What does the red-yellow-green bar means after measurement is taken?

Easy to use

Easy instruction, easy to use, results don't take too long

Muy bueno

Solo pones el dedo en el flash y es todo muy preciso.

Easy to use. Gives accurate results, even with my irregular heart beat. Would be great to have ability to save report of history, e.g., as an Excel file. Graphing capability would also be useful.

Great app

Its one of the best app i have come across, after searching through so many! I really love it. Its the best!

Good application!

Very good, accurate to within a beat or two of Hospital use Intellivue Cardiac Monitors. Some Emts and Paramedics have said don't trust these apps...they don't work. Not true in this case. This one works. Perfectly. Its the same concept as Pulse0x Meter they clip on your finger in the hospital and no dis's those.

Accurate, fast and lightweight.

I love this app

Why does it need access to my camera... Uninstalled

Great application

Very useful. Results are reliable.


Results from this easy to use app are always within one bpm of the results from my blood pressure machine